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Adderall is a medication basically used for treating the problem of attention deficiency of a person. You may take the medication of this drug if you suffer severely from such a condition of attention deficiency. The drug contains two different ingredients that are Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine. These two ingredients of the medicine help make the drug so effective that it can treat the ADHD problems of people. So, you might need this medication if you also suffer severely from such a condition. Also, the drug is known to be a stimulant widely used for treating ADHD.

The stimulant here means that it stimulates certain chemicals of the brain of a human body so as to make a person concentrate much better. In this way, with the effects of the medicine, people can get rid of their attention deficiency problems. The drug Adderall is also used for the treatment of sleeping disorders of a person. So, the drug is very famous when it comes to its usage and its effectiveness.

How should you take this medicine?

The medicine is supposed to be taken orally just like all other normal medicines and you may or may not eat your food before eating the medicine. People should take a dose of Adderall and wait for next 4 to 6 hours as the effects of the medicine would be visible for up to 6 hours. After such period, a person may or may not take more doses based on his/her requirement. The doses must be equally arranged with good number of hours of gap. It is also recommended to take the medicine at a same time every day.
Important Things to Know
A person should consider a few things before deciding to take the medicine. You must discuss your health with your health expert and know about the side effects of the medicine that you are likely to suffer. As the medicine might work differently for different people. An old person may not prefer the dosage of the medicine as much as an adult person would.
A person should decide very carefully if he/she really needs this medication. The medicine as mentioned above, deals with the chemicals of a human brain, so you must make sure if you really need this medicine. Taking the medicine when you do not even need it may make you more sick than before.

Possibilities of Side effects?

There is no harm in taking the medication of Adderall but medicines often show up their side effects in the patients who take it. So, here we will let you know the possible side effects of this medication.
Following are some possible side effects of the medication of Adderall. You must know these side effects before actually starting the medication. Also, you may not want to avoid any of such side effects.
∙ Restlessness
∙ Headache
∙ Dry Mouth
∙ Constipation
∙ Diarrhea
∙ Loss of Appetite
∙ Changes in Sex Drive or Ability
∙ Difficulty in Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep

How should you store the medicine?

A person should store the medicine in a container to keep it safe. The container needs to be tightly closed. Also, you must make sure to never let the medicine come in contact of a child, animal, or any other person that does not take the medicine. You must dispose the medicine in a very safe way to avoid the wrong usage of it by a wrong person or animal.
Precautions of usage of the medicine?
A person may also need to know certain precautions of taking the medicine. Following are some precautions of the medicine:
If a person has allergies to the medicine or any component of the medicine, then the medicine shall be avoided seriously. If still that person takes the medicine in the condition of his/her allergies, then he/she may face worse conditions of his/her allergies.
Other medicines
You must discuss with your doctor about what other medicines that you take. If you are taking any normal medicines like vitamins, herbal products then even you would have to tell your doctor to avoid any interaction of different medicines. Also, you must tell these medicines to your doctor if you take medicines like alpha blockers, like doxazosin, prazosin, terazosin, and any other alpha blocker. Medicines like antihistamines should also be told to your doctor if you take any. Moreover, any medicine that is related directly or indirectly to the functioning of brain should also be communicated to a doctor for the safety of the medication of Adderall.
The medicine is a combination of two different medicines that are Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine and this combination is known to cause serious problems in children and teenager age people. So, the medication of Adderall is very harmful if you happen to be a child or a teenager. In such cases, if you really have attention deficiency problem, then talk to a doctor and the doctor would surely recommend you some other medicine rather than Adderall.


If you are a pregnant lady, then the medicine would not be suitable for you. This is so, because you would be breastfeeding your unborn baby and the infant may develop problems because of medication of Adderall. So, you must avoid the medicine if you are a pregnant woman or plan to breastfeed your child.

MAO inhibitors

If you are one of those people that take MAO inhibitors or even if you have taken an MAO inhibitor in the past, then you must tell your doctor about such medicine. There is a report that a person should at least keep a duration of 14 days gap between the medication of Adderall and MAO inhibitors. This is so to avoid interaction of the effects of two different medicines.
You should never attempt to share your attention deficiency medicine to any other person of your knowing or it can result in a huge problem for that person.
Skipped Dose
There are reports that many people forget to take their doses on time, in such cases, the person should immediately take the missed dose and follow his/her schedule. If you think you still have time for taking your missed dose, then you may take the medicine and if you think it is time for your next dose, then you must make sure that you do not take double doses at the same time.
In case if a person takes a dose that is more than what has been advised to him/her, then he/she should immediately seek a medical help. This is so because in such a case, a person can suffer severe health problems such as:
∙ Confusion
∙ Fever
∙ Depression
∙ Fainting
∙ Diarrhea
∙ Vomiting
∙ Seizures
∙ Blurred vision
∙ Irregular heartbeats
∙ Feelings of panic
∙ Tiredness
∙ Weakness
∙ seizures
∙ Loss of consciousness

Such are some of the conditions of overdose of this medicine. So, you must make sure that you strictly follow the dose that is perfect for you or recommended to you. The dose of a person may depend on many factors that include:
∙ Health
∙ Age
∙ Reaction to the medicine
∙ Allergies
∙ Past health problems

Such are some of the aspects on the basis of which the dose of a person is decided. To better plan your suitable dose, you should rather contact your doctor and discuss your health condition with him/her.

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